The Seamstress

Model / HMUA / Stylist / Concept & Set Designer: Kharunisia Jazmin
Person behind her is her Mum.

The Photographer

Model / HMUA / Stylist / Concept & Set Designer: Kharunisia Jazmin

The Ballerina

Model: Pat Hermosa
Concept: Manny Librodo
Stylist & Designer: Paloma Moon
HMUA: Oliver Bumatay


A Manny Librodo Workshop

Yesterday, I was very fortunate to join a Manny Librodo workshop (at last!).

All I can say is that the place was great. No crowd. The only clincher – it was scorching hot! >_<

We’re suppose to have different places to shoot but we were stuck in the amphitheater area.

Back to Oblivion - Amphitheatre

I was looking forward to this place šŸ™

Back to Oblivion - Haunted House

It’s a bummer though that I won’t be able to attend the post-processing session because Dad’s leaving for Dubai šŸ™

Anyhow, will try to post a photo soon.

Last rest day

I did some “sculpting” before I get busy again and work tomorrow.


polymer clay popsicle cracker sandwich mocha mug

Today’s season is not the ideal temperature to work with clays. It’s summer here and with warm climate, clay tends to be soft and sticky. Considering that I’m using Sculpey, it’s softer and stickier. -_-

I didn’t like how the mocha mug turned out. I attempted to make a swirly milk and chocolate and the mug looks weird.

I also had the hard time working with the TLS. It’s really thick. I have to get a new one or get a clay softener.

Also mom bought me a round cookie cutter! I can now make miniature cake :3

round cookie cutter

SSS Renewal Fail

SSS Paranaque

I’m on a quest to update all my IDs before I start going to work again. Unfortunately, someone out there prevented my from updating my SSS.

I made my attempt at SSS Paranaque but the staff said that my marriage certificate is “illegible”. I don’t know why this poses a problem since it’s a government document. Hell, DFA accepted it!


I had to go back and get a “clear” copy from the municipality with a certified true copy stamp.

Heads up when going to this branch:

  • Be there early (as in 6am early) so you won’t run out of slot.Ā 
  • Pay attention. They have a stone age numbering system so sit near your window because they only “shout” the numbers. Sometimes they don’t shout loud enough.

To update your surname and civil status, bring a photocopy and original of your marriage certificate and filled SSS Form E4 (Memberā€™s Data Amendment). If you think it’s illegible, get a CTC from your municipality. You also need to prepare Php300 for the card. Although you’ll pay it through bank deposit.

Trip to hospitals

I just woke up from long ‘nap’ hahaha!

Had to wake-up early for my trip to PGH for an APAS (anti-phospholipid antibodies syndrome) blood test. This test is to check if a woman’s immune system sees the fetus as a foreign body therefore preventing it from developing causing miscarriage and other pregnancy related complications.

If your OB-GYNE ordered you to do this test, the cheapest one is found in PGH at UPMC Building. As of April 2013, it cost Php6,233. Some other hospitals offer it triple the price. Oh and since this is a blood test, don’t eat anything prior the blood extraction.

After PGH, we went to Healthway in ATC for vaccine administration. It’s fortunate that we had Dra. Perez because she took the time to interview us and shared us the relationship between conceiving/pregnancy and vaccine.

There are some vaccines that have live, weakened virus and some are not. If taking live vaccines, you need to wait 3 or 6 months before you try toĀ conceive. Double check with your OB-GYNE to be sure.

Below are the vaccines my OB-GYNE asked me to take.

  • Flu – live
  • TDAP – non-live
  • MMR – live
  • Varicella – live

My plan was to take their MMR and Varicella 2-in-1 vaccine but since it’s a live one, I only took TDAP. If you’re thinking of taking a series of vaccines, wait for one week before you take another.


My Trip to DFA

While waiting for my photo to be taken. My number was 1282 -_-

While waiting for my photo to be taken. My number was 1282 -_-

Funny things that happened during my trip to DFA

A staff hits on me

When it was my turn to have my requirements checked, the guy behind the desk, asked me something like:

“Sigurado ka na ba?” (Are you really sure?)

I candidly replied, “wala na akong magagawa eh” (I can’t do anything about it anymore) ^_^;

He kept on talking and blurted: “Sigurado ka na na eto na apelyido mo?” (Are you really sure that you’re now going to use this surname?)

And then whispered “gusto mo gamitin mo nalang apelyido ko?” (You don’t want to use my surname instead?)

I don’t know what’s with this guy but I’m just thankful that he eased my anxiety (he requires another document and I had to go back) and approved my request.

A photocopy operator thought I was a minor.

When I had to go back to photocopy the last page of my passport, I told him

“Sabi ko po sa inyo kasama pati last page eh” (I told you to include the last page).

He said, “Pag minor kasi first page lang eh” (If minor, you only need the first page)


If you’re curious, for married women, these are the requirements needed to change your surname in your passport:

  • Application form
  • Photocopy and original NSO issued marriage certificate
  • Photocopy of page 2-3 and Ā last 2 page (showing “In case of Emergency” page) and original passport

I also brought the following as well to be sure:

As of April 2013, costs for passport delivery are:

  • Rush (6 working days) – Php1,200
  • Standard (14 working days) – Php950

Guilty Pleasure :(

Keira Boots by H by Hudson

It’s an accepted fact that women can’t get enough shoes. Although I don’t wear 6 inch high heels,Ā stilettos, pumps, or wedges, I am particularly fond of boots and sneakers. Do note that I don’t spend and splurge much on clothes. Shopping for me is once a year – a top, a pair of jeans maybe, sneakers if they’re all worn out (sneakers last 2-3 years for me) and that ‘s it. No kidding.

Normally I consider buying boots if they’re really cheap, my birthday or if I have bonus.

But THIS (Keira Boots by H by Hudson) pair of boots is neither of the three nor any other “excuses” I can think of. Note that it’s cheaper but not cheap. XD Mike is insisting that this be my reward for the photoshoots that we did and the works I did for the business.

I feel very guilty and at the same time excited. I just need to work harder both on my work and business so I’ll feel less guilty. Hahahaha!