since i've been helping "foreigners"with their english and i've been told by some of them that i should be a teacher and teach English But I was hesitant because i feel i need to go through some kind of certification to make it "official" i can't just jump right-in  and teach. Taking their suggestion with a pinch of salt i started searching for online school that issues/offers at least a certification of tesl/tesol teacher. i've bumped to a few but they are quite expensive and it's in a classroom set-up  and need to travel and stay  to wherever the course is being offered. it's expensive because your lodging is at your own expense. scouring the bowels of the internet I found a cheaper option.  it was supposed to be on sale for a limited and at my advantage.

  • at my own pace
  • the resources are found online- i don't have to attend an online class.; all  i need to do is read and absorb
  • UK-based
  • a diploma  not a certificate is awarded upon passing the course- all the  better!

Considering those, I did not hesitate to sign up!  As soon as I got access I immediately started reading taking tests after every lesson.

After  weeks of reading and answering tests, Come the final test(essay). However, I was asked to  give more details to my answers. i tried to give as much details and information as i can. After a ouple of weeks, i checked my dashboard AND!

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