La Langue Francaise

on 5-03-2019 in Blog, language learning

La Langue  Francaise

yep! i’m learning French hwehwehwe…..

the interest started after watching an LGBTQ french movie; its international name isBlue is the Warmest Color French title La vie d’ Adele(literally means the Life of Adele. I fell in love with the two protagonists. I love their chemistry.

then out of boredom, I thought” I want to do something.. why don’t I learn French?” I went online and searched for free language learning sites/apps

went through the basics then I delved deeper. I find it “fun” and addicting and my brain kept devouring french vocabulary doing online french exercises watching videos free online French courses all the free stuff I can find to learn French by self-study. then I think I’ve learned enough to back-out so, on to find myself a French native >_< i ended up to this language exchange app.

*ahem* language exchange is basically an exchange of {native) language the app will help you match to a user that wants to learn your (native) language and vice versa.

in my case i found a french native who’s learning English.

i find the idea of the whole language exchange thing interesting and favorable. it’s not just about learning a new language but about the culture as well and i think it’s nice to answer questions from people who are interested ion your culture, and people. the app also lets you correct your partner’s text chat, it also lets you use video and voice call. allows you to leave voice message for pronunciation correction.

and it’s free 🙂

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