back in November 2011, I went to Korea to accompany 3 boys representing my country for an e-sports world championship tournament in Busan, South Korea. it was held on the same day as G-star(Korean gaming Convention)

as my first out-of-the-country travel, so yes I was quite excited!

the four of us met at my office building and went straight to the airport together.

facepalm moment

when we landed at Incheon airport I thought "e we still have time. and the boys might be hungry." we looked for a place to eat inside the airport. took our time. after eating I was dumbfounded to learn upon checking the itinerary that we have a connecting flight!All this time I thought it's a direct flight! and I also forgot to adjust my watch(no wonder we still have time) I asked for help or at least to make it clear to me where will we go for the connecting flight. but to no avail, they kept on pointing me to another personnel one after the other. turns out we have to ride a bus going to Gimpo airport. Bottom line, we didn't make it to the bus. So I decided to buy us tickets for a later flight. I was so exhausted and stressed from all the walking and so frustrated with the personnel because no one seems to know English considering that it's an international airport. No chalk it up to experience.

tickets right! I was in line to the ticket counter and noticed that the attendant is a cute Korean guy. i considered him as my consolation for going through this ordeal. I was praying so hard that we'll get tickets.. fast forward to my turn! YAS! He's cute alright...

when he told me the total cost, I kind of panicked because I was not sure if I have enough money, I rummaged my bag for cash and no they're not in my wallet because the number of bills I had was too much to fit in my wallet. so I kind of dumped the bills in my bag. when we went to the airport forex. After what seemed to have taken me forever in that counter after counting the bills WE GOT TICKETS!!!

we went straight to the gate where the bus will pick us up. And just waited there just to be sure we won't be left behind again. I think we waited for an hour and a half. into the bus and off to Gimpo airport.

took us an hour going there. no traffic not even a bump on the road, I must've dozed off until we got there.

Excuse me?

went straight to our gate I told the kids to sit instead while I stay in line just in case there is a concern I need to raise. while I was in line a Korean lady talked to me from behind I just noticed her when she went in front of me. and asked me again. but she asked me in Korean .. she was surprised when I asked her "excuse me?" maybe she thought I was Korean looking from behind. I'm not really sure

and FINALLY! Busan!

after getting our stuff and settling down a bit. I went outside for a smoke. and by some miracle, my contact saw me called me and I was like OMG!!! it's actually the first time we're seeing in person. she recognized because of my name on my bag lol yes she was worried sick. I was not able to contact her during the whole ordeal because the phone's battery ran out and I was just too busy trying to get to Busan. to look for an outlet leave my phone there and charge it. I apologized profusely. in to the car to bring us to our hotel. and on the way there I noticed that we were on a beach so I was like"What are we doing on a beach?" after a while, we are slowing down in front of a hotel." wait! They booked us on a beachfront hotel?! " Going out of the car, I was expecting warm weather but NOOOOOOOOOO....! It's still cold AF! The ironic part is that I'm not a big fan of beach >_<

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