Just to name a few of MY frustrations while in learning french.

  1. Nouns have genders! Feminine and masculine AND! there is no definite way to know no clue or hint to know if a noun is feminine or masculine. well, there is but it's not 100% foolproof and will always, always have exceptions. See what I mean here. By looking at that chart or table in that link it looks complicated.
  2. THE IRREGULAR VERBS ARE WAAAAY TOO IRREGULAR! for the love of all that is beautiful and mischievous! this especially goes to subject pronouns it's like a whole new word for each pronoun and there are a lot of them>_<
    1. this one involves writing the pronunciation accents like this: ê  yeees this kind of character with a special mark on top of them. because if you don't use these accents, it's a different word. it may seem unnecessary but it's not. it helps you how to pronounce certain tricky french word.
    2. tenses can be a pain too. conjugations. yes, the things I do to myself because I was bored LOL!
    3. they say things quite differently which I think is given as with other languages

let me end this entry with a "joke"

"fish" in french is "poisson". terrible I know. sorry >_<
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