Parallax effect

I bumped to this video and I was amazed that it’s all photos. It’s the first time knew of this technique.

That being said, I attempted to try it.

Here is my 5-second take using an existing photo.


Today I made another experiment. This time it’s levitation – I made myself float.


A Manny Librodo Workshop

Yesterday, I was very fortunate to join a Manny Librodo workshop (at last!).

All I can say is that the place was great. No crowd. The only clincher – it was scorching hot! >_<

We’re suppose to have different places to shoot but we were stuck in the amphitheater area.

Back to Oblivion - Amphitheatre

I was looking forward to this place 🙁

Back to Oblivion - Haunted House

It’s a bummer though that I won’t be able to attend the post-processing session because Dad’s leaving for Dubai 🙁

Anyhow, will try to post a photo soon.

Are you a future photographer?


I found a list of characteristics of a potential photographer. Below are some of them I can relate to XD

  • You go through the 5000 photos from your last vacation and you appear in none of them.
  • Abandoned factories, warehouses and barns fascinate you when you pass them by.
  • You walk in to a new room and start checking out how tall the ceiling is and if it’s white.
  • At every family event, people hand you, and only you, their cameras to take their photo.
  • The worst thing you can hear from someone is “great photos, you must have an awesome camera.”
  • You’re gazing at the sunset with your loved one in your arms…and think f8 at 1/125.
  • You have an accident while climbing with your camera bag and you hurt yourself, but the first thing you do is check if the 5d mk3 is intact.
  • You’re visiting a tourist attraction and you spot a couple taking photos with their D3200. You can’t help yourself and giving them advice on how to frame the shot.
  • You visit your newlywed cousins, they show you their wedding album and inside your head, all you can hear is a little voice complaining
  • bout how bad the photos are and what a better job you could have done, despite being a stock photographer.
  • The best gift you could get for Christmas is a photo gear voucher.
  • You find yourself saying “just one more” until it’s pitchdark outside.
  • You photograph your aunts and they ask you to make them look younger in Photoshop.
  • You know how “bokeh” is pronounced and what language it comes from.
  • You look at yourself in the mirror and think of how quickly you could clone your blemishes and wrinkles.
  • You take more photos of other people’s families than of your own.
  • You see people taking photos with the popup flash an you instantly become irritated.
  • Your coffee mug is the replica of a Canon L lens.
  • You are out with your family for a picnic in a summer day and you just beat yourself for leaving your bulky camera at home. Just look at those clouds!!
  • You know what moiré means.
  • You have 2 TB storage for photos only.

Passions Open Photoshoot

Yesterday, Mike and I attended Passions, an open photoshoot, organized by our friend Jez. It was held at La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. I was super excited coz the last time attended one was organized by Mike 2 or 3 years ago.

It was fun but my gripe are mainly due to the fact that there were a LOT of cosplayers! >:E Our group didn’t also had the chance to shoot Kriz thoroughly. We were given time but we were stuck in the playground that doesn’t look fit for the subject and lost interest. Besides, it’s already late.

Hope to post-process at least 1 photo by the end of the day. Body is aching x_x


New Camera – Canon 60D

I just got my new Canon 60D! Must adjust to the controls again XD