learning a third language

learning a third language

a publication when the Philippines is under America a proof that English is already a prominent language in The Philippines back then The English Language is my country's(The Philippines) second Language our history has a lot t do with it when Americans made The...
La Langue  Francaise

La Langue Francaise

yep! i'm learning French hwehwehwe..... the interest started after watching an LGBTQ french movie; its international name is Blue is the Warmest Color French title La vie d' Adele(literally means the Life of Adele. I fell in love with the two protagonists. I love...
Parallax effect

Parallax effect

I bumped to this video and I was amazed that it's all photos. It's the first time knew of this technique. That being said, I attempted to try it. Here is my 5-second take using an existing photo.

My take on Red Velvet Cupcake

Today, I managed to bake a red velvet cupcake. Everybody here loved it! XD This is how it turned out! The part that didn't worked out so well was the frosting. I think it has something to do with the butter I used and I ran out of confectioner's sugar. It looks like a...

Feel Good Day

My problem when attending formal occasions, especially wedding, is what I'll wear. I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl. I don't wear heels (and I mean those formal, fancy high heels) and make-up (just cheek tint).  You can count how many formal occasions I've attended on...
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