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my frustrations in learning french

my frustrations in learning french

Just to name a few of MY frustrations while in learning french. Nouns have genders! Feminine and masculine AND! there is no definite way to know no clue or hint to know if a noun is feminine or masculine. well, there is but it's not 100% foolproof and will always,...
UK accents

UK accents

Since i'm part of this language learning community, i often come accross posts from English learners who are looking for native English speakers speakers preferably from the UK. because they are either planning to work or live there and at the same time, learn ...

here goes nothing

so i think i found myself a language partner. as of this writing it's just hi and hello small talks. we just met so things are still kind of awkward. we'll see in a few more days 🙂

learning a third language

a publication when the Philippines is under America a proof that English is already a prominent language in The Philippines back then The English Language is my country's(The Philippines) second Language our history has a lot t do with it when Americans made The...
La Langue  Francaise

La Langue Francaise

yep! i'm learning French hwehwehwe..... the interest started after watching an LGBTQ french movie; its international name is Blue is the Warmest Color French title La vie d' Adele(literally means the Life of Adele. I fell in love with the two protagonists. I love...
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