SSS Renewal Fail

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I’m on a quest to update all my IDs before I start going to work again. Unfortunately, someone out there prevented my from updating my SSS. I made my attempt at SSS Paranaque but the staff said that my marriage certificate is “illegible”. I don’t know why this poses a problem since it’s a government document. Hell, DFA accepted it! *Sigh* I had to go back and get a “clear” copy from the municipality with a certified true copy stamp. Heads up when going to this branch: Be there early (as in 6am early)...

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Trip to hospitals

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I just woke up from long ‘nap’ hahaha! Had to wake-up early for my trip to PGH for an APAS (anti-phospholipid antibodies syndrome) blood test. This test is to check if a woman’s immune system sees the fetus as a foreign body therefore preventing it from developing causing miscarriage and other pregnancy related complications. If your OB-GYNE ordered you to do this test, the cheapest one is found in PGH at UPMC Building. As of April 2013, it cost Php6,233. Some other hospitals offer it triple the price. Oh and since this is a...

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My Trip to DFA

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Funny things that happened during my trip to DFA A staff hits on me When it was my turn to have my requirements checked, the guy behind the desk, asked me something like: “Sigurado ka na ba?” (Are you really sure?) I candidly replied, “wala na akong magagawa eh” (I can’t do anything about it anymore) ^_^; He kept on talking and blurted: “Sigurado ka na na eto na apelyido mo?” (Are you really sure that you’re now going to use this surname?) And then whispered “gusto mo gamitin mo nalang...

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Guilty Pleasure :(

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It’s an accepted fact that women can’t get enough shoes. Although I don’t wear 6 inch high heels, stilettos, pumps, or wedges, I am particularly fond of boots and sneakers. Do note that I don’t spend and splurge much on clothes. Shopping for me is once a year – a top, a pair of jeans maybe, sneakers if they’re all worn out (sneakers last 2-3 years for me) and that ‘s it. No kidding. Normally I consider buying boots if they’re really cheap, my birthday or if I have bonus. But THIS (Keira Boots...

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Happy Easter!

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Today was a busy day. Woke up 3:30am for the Salubong. Mike was part of it and we are the “official photographer” XP After the mass, went back home to eat proper breakfast and then went straight to SMX for the Feast Alabang Easter Celebration. Bro. Bo was the only speaker. Then the most annoying part of the day – making our way out of parking lot. Took us almost an hour just to exit.  Considering that a lot of people were leaving SMX, there was only 1 gate open and all the 3 guards were clumped up on that gate, taking...

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Are you a future photographer?

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Are you a future photographer?

I found a list of characteristics of a potential photographer. Below are some of them I can relate to XD You go through the 5000 photos from your last vacation and you appear in none of them. Abandoned factories, warehouses and barns fascinate you when you pass them by. You walk in to a new room and start checking out how tall the ceiling is and if it’s white. At every family event, people hand you, and only you, their cameras to take their photo. The worst thing you can hear from someone is “great photos, you must have an awesome...

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Scorching hot

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I honestly don’t like summer. It’s hot and sweaty. Yeah it’s the best time to go out and hit the beach but unfortunately, I’m not a beach-y person. I’d probably just take pictures but not enjoy the beach. Anyway, I’m stuck here at home while my in-laws and Mike are out to attend a church activity. Mike has been taking a role of an apostle hehehe… I can’t stand heat because I get dizzy thanks to my period. Good to know that my body has recovered from miscarriage. J I feel bad for my friend though. She found out early this month...

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Holy Week Wedding

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I don’t know if they really liked our work that day but they invited us to have a drink with them before they leave for Singapore. We really felt appreciated. 🙂 Note on the above picture: Love the door they put up for the bride’s entrance.

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Passions Open Photoshoot

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Yesterday, Mike and I attended Passions, an open photoshoot, organized by our friend Jez. It was held at La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. I was super excited coz the last time attended one was organized by Mike 2 or 3 years ago. It was fun but my gripe are mainly due to the fact that there were a LOT of cosplayers! >:E Our group didn’t also had the chance to shoot Kriz thoroughly. We were given time but we were stuck in the playground that doesn’t look fit for the subject and lost interest. Besides, it’s already late. Hope...

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Hello world! (Again)

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So I’m going to start blogging again. This will be my 3rd… or 4th restart. LOL! Where to begin… I’m currently “on-leave” from work since last month because I’m recovering from a recent miscarriage. Being admitted at a hospital was an experience for me since it was my first time. Not to mention being hooked on an IV. I’ll prolly go to the details some other time. However, while I’m stuck here at home, I managed to do stuff that I’ve always wanted to do – play games. LOL! I...

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